Reillo, the worldwide leader in burner production, is proud to introduce is Condensing Boiler platforms, the Array and Dual Fuel RTC.

Riello ARRAY, BTU Inputs from 1,000,000 – 4,000,000

The Riello Array is a pre-packaged water tube boiler plant. The new standard in boiler efficiency, redundancy and reliability. This multi modules boiler can provide a high turn down and multiple boiler redundancy in one packaged unit. An Array single boiler features a superior uptime reliability that is only found in a larger boiler plant and multi boiler systems.

Riello  RTC, BTU Input from 3,000,000 – 10,000,000

Riello’s RTC is a 3 pass fire tube condensing dual fuel boiler. The RTC Series Condensing Boilers can be equipped with two-stage or modulating forced draft burners and premix, that achieve extremely low pollutant emissions meeting the most stringent NOx and CO requirements. The RTC is available two configurations – “8” Type and “O” Type Zero flow conditions without overheating thanks to the two large diameter connections between the two cylindrical shells. This solution allows to operate without overheating with the burner turned on and circulators turned off.